July 24, 2024
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Aircraft GPU, Stainless Sealed Stationary 28.5 DC

  1. #SMSR-400-28-SS


  • Oil Rigs   
  • Aircraft Starting and Servicing
  • Flight Line Operations, Salt Environments
  • Battery
  • Helicopter Pad Power

Standard Features:

  •     316 Stainless Steel all components passivated
  •     Cooling provided by air to air heat exchanger
  •     Input voltage from 208 to 575 VAC 3 Phase 50-60HZ available,                                            specify input voltage and frequency when ordering!
  •     Output voltage adjustment range from 24 to 32 volts DC
  •     Smart Current Limit: Visual set and lock desired current limit
  •     Meets MIL-STD-704 for Aircraft Power Quality Output
  •     Voltage regulation 1%
  •     DC output voltage 2% ripple
  •     Output current regulation 1%
  •     Current limit control: True 0 to 100%
  •     AC line disconnects with industrial grade circuit breaker
  •     Equipped with Lockout - Tagout safety, main power input
  •     Input Power Monitoring: Input phase loss detection, under voltage
  •     Hermetically sealed semiconductors with large aluminum heat sinks
  •     Thermal protection for transformer and semiconductors
  •     2 year warranty


Call for Complete Specifications

This stainless steel GPU is specifically designed for outdoor locations and or salt environments.  The most popular application is for use on oil rigs to power helicopters or flight lines located next to the seashore.  The GPU enclosure is made of 316 continuous welded and pacified.  The enclosure is completely sealed and uses an air to air heat exchanger to remove the heat from the enclosure providing a true NEMA 4X rating.  Also included is an internal heater to eliminate the chance of condensation when the unit is not operating.  This GPU has a true 400 amp continuous rating and up to 1600 amps of starting current.  With this model, the input voltage and frequency must be specified at the time of order.  Various aircraft cable lengths are also available as an option.  Our exclusive “Push Button Current Set” is also standard. This allows the user to precisely set the maximum current limit with the push of a button.  This will give the pilot and operator confidence that the unit will not allow too much current to be delivered to the aircraft during the starting cycle.  As with all of our units, this unit has an input circuit breaker for maximum safety.

Proudly Built in the USA


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