June 13, 2024
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Mobile 28.5 VDC, 650 Amp, 208-600 VAC 50/60Hz

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  • MSR-600-xx current limit.png (1)
  • welded frame gpu
  • Cable hanger
  • CB handle
  • MSR-600-28 Tansformer 450lbs of copper and steel
  • MSR-650-28 Ground Power Unit-In Stock
  1. #MSR-650-28


  • Aircraft starting and servicing
  • Air conditioning and Electric Heat
  • Battery charging
  • Avionics
  • FBO, MRO Aircraft Servicing

Other Models Available:

  • MSR-400-28: 400 AMPS AT 28.5 VOLTS CONTINUOUS, 1600 AMPS PEAK
  • MSR-600-28: 650 AMPS AT 28.5 VOLTS CONTINUOUS, 2000 AMP PEAK
  • MSR-600-28-400HZ: 650 AMPS AT 28.5 VOLTS CONTINUOUS, 2000 AMP PEAK. Input voltage 3 phase, 120/208 400Hz
  • MSR-600-28-PE: Pilot’s Edition Package, 650 AMPS AT 28.5 VOLTS CONTINUOUS, 2000 AMP PEAK. Pilot’s Edition Package includes special features: Rugged foot brake, Remote voltage sensing on a 20 foot aircraft cable.

Download Complete Specifications> MSR-650-28.pdf

Standard Features: 

  • 2 year warranty
  • Output Rating's 650 Amp
  • Input voltage from 208 to 575 VAC 3 Phase 50-60HZ, easily adjusted in the field
  • Output voltage adjustment range from 24 to 32 volts DC
  • Continuous Power rating:  650 amps at 28.5 VDC
  • Starting current rating: 0 to 2000 amps
  • 20 foot aircraft cable with AN225 oval plug
  • Smart Current Limit: Visual set and lock at desired current limit
  • Meets or exceeds MIL-STD-704 for Aircraft Power Quality Output
  • Voltage regulation 1%
  • DC output 1% ripple
  • Output current regulation 1%
  • Current limit control: True 0 to 100%
  • 115 Vac Convenience receptacle: 15 amp with weatherproof cover
  • AC line disconnects with industrial grade circuit breaker and through door actuator; equipped with lockout and tagout for safety
  • Input Power Monitoring: Input phase loss and under voltage detection
  • True overload ratings maintain aircraft voltage during starting
  • Hermetically sealed semiconductors with large aluminum heat sinks
  • Thermal protection for transformer and semiconductors
  • Four 9 inch (22cm) non-marking wheels, two with foot brake
  • Heavy duty indoor / outdoor enclosure with baked powder coated finish IP54 enclosure
  • Quiet operation 50 dB @ continuous current rating, 58dB at peak current
  • Size 49.5”L x 30”W x 33.5”H with handlebars, Size 30”L x 30”W x 33.5”H without handlebars
  • Weight: 887 lbs

Download Complete Specifications> MSR-650-28.pdf


The MSR-650 is our single most popular mobile GPU.  This GPU has enough power to start any aircraft, with a true 650 amp continuous rating and up to 2000 amps of starting current.  It also features an exclusive re-connectable input from 208 to 575 VAC which makes a single model useable around the world, on any 50 or 60 Hz power.   The unit also features our “Push Button Current Set” which allows the user to precisely set the maximum current limit with the push of a button.  This will give the pilot and operator confidence that the unit will not allow too much current to be delivered to the aircraft during the starting cycle.

Built with a continuous welded enclosure and powder coated, this unit will look and perform flawlessly for many years to come.  The wheels are solid soft non marking, and come standard with a 4/0 mil-spec 20 foot aircraft cable with a molded aircraft plug, and input an AC Circuit breaker for maximum safety.

Proudly Built in the USA


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